News from Zagreb. In the EFSF business meeting this morning the vote was held to see who would get to host the 2014 Eurocon.

We have won that right.

We are extremely heartened by the show of support for the Irish bid (we won 71% of the delegate votes, and 85% of the Non delegate votes), especially as the Romanian bid was very strong. We are certain their national convention in May 2014 will be an excellent event.

Eurocon 2014 will be called ShamroKon, and we are working on the website. Well more correctly we will be working on it when we get back from the party!

Naming Competition

After our open Submission for names, we ended up with a very long list.

The committee have gotten together, to get a short list. We decided to go with a final list of 7!

  • Communicon
  • Dubcon
  • Dublicon
  • Dublin Eurocon
  • Mythcon
  • Réalta
  • Shamrokon

The final name of the convention will be announced at Eurocon 2012 in Zagreb, if we win in our bid to be the Eurocon for 2014.

It has also been decided that all who have entered a name in our competition, will be entered into a draw.

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2011 everyone.

Although our convention is still three-and-a-half years away, this year looks like being a really busy one for us.

So far, we've identified a number of possible venues for the convention, and we have started visiting them to check which ones meet our needs. Once we've visited them all, we can make a short list of the most suitable ones, and start working out the details of the convention.

Dublin welcomes London's position on Eurocon

The London 2014 Worldcon bid committee have issued a statement clarifying their position on Eurocon.

London 2014 does not intend to bid for Eurocon as the previous UK Worldcons, which took place in 1995 and 2005 in Glasgow did. This clears the way for other venues to bid to host Eurocon that year.

We are delighted that this clears the way for Dublin and others to bid for the 2014 Eurocon, and we are looking forward to an exciting bidding race.

Dublin 2014 Bid launched at Octocon

The Dublin bid to host the 2014 Eurocon was launched at Octocon 2010, the National Irish Science Fiction Convention.

The bid received a lot of support at the convention, with over 45 pre-supporting memberships (and one pre-opposoing) registered.

At the closing ceremony, a vote was taken, and the overwhelming majority were in favour of holding a convention after the 2014 London Worldcon, and that it should be for that year's Eurocon.

First Meeting

Had a very productive initial meeting with Dublin based con-runners where ideas were thrashed out and a loose plan has been formulated. There are things to do over the next few weeks, and progress will be reported at Octocon.

Dublin 2014 Eurocon Bid Launched

Hi there, I thought I'd kick off the Dublin 2014 Eurocon Bid by creating a Facebook page. A website will follow soon. Please watch this space for further updates. There will be an open discussion about the bid at Octocon, so I hope to see some of you there. Please get in touch with any ideas.

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