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Dublin 2014 Bid launched at Octocon

The Dublin bid to host the 2014 Eurocon was launched at Octocon 2010, the National Irish Science Fiction Convention.

The bid received a lot of support at the convention, with over 45 pre-supporting memberships (and one pre-opposoing) registered.

At the closing ceremony, a vote was taken, and the overwhelming majority were in favour of holding a convention after the 2014 London Worldcon, and that it should be for that year's Eurocon.

First Meeting

Had a very productive initial meeting with Dublin based con-runners where ideas were thrashed out and a loose plan has been formulated. There are things to do over the next few weeks, and progress will be reported at Octocon.

Dublin 2014 Eurocon Bid Launched

Hi there, I thought I'd kick off the Dublin 2014 Eurocon Bid by creating a Facebook page. A website will follow soon. Please watch this space for further updates. There will be an open discussion about the bid at Octocon, so I hope to see some of you there. Please get in touch with any ideas.

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