Why Dublin?

Dublin is the perfect location, with convenient transport links from London and the world, a fantastic city centre to play host to a Eurocon, and is gateway to the beautiful Irish countryside for those who wish to extend their stay and get out of the city.

In 2010 Dublin was announced as the fourth UNESCO City of Literature, marking its long history of great writers, including several that could be considered pioneers of science fiction such as Jonathan Swift, Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde. One of the focuses of the convention will be Dublin science fiction heritage, and we aim to include a number of excursions to sites of interest during the convention.

There is now an excellent range of hotels and convention venues in Dublin, and we are investigating all options for the convention. As August is the peak tourist season, we will be looking at a number of alternative venues for the convention. In particular, Dublin has several universities which would offer excellent facilities for a convention, including lecture halls and low-cost student accommodation, with nearby hotels for those who would like more comfort. We shall be checking out all options over the next few months.

Numerous airlines offer flights into Dublin, with Aer Lingus, Ryanair, BMI, BA and Air France Cityjet offering flights from the five London airports. If you book in advance, you can sometimes get flights from as little as a penny, though there are generally taxes and charges to add, especially if you want to bring luggage. However, if booking ahead, flights including a modest 15-20kg luggage allowance can generally be found for under £100 return. Flights from many other European cities are also available, and we'll soon have a travel section with an extensive list of routes available.

There are also ferries to Dublin from Holyhead in Wales and Liverpool in England, and these can offer excellent value when combined with a train ticket. London to Dublin by rail and sail can cost as little as £61 return, with unlimited luggage. If you are thinking of touring Ireland, taking your car on the ferry is also quite affordable, and there are plenty of car hire options available at Dublin airport.

We shall be making arrangements with Dublin and Irish tourism bodies to provide extensive information about places to visit after the convention, for those that wish to extend their stay.

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