Why Eurocon?

Eurocon is a Science Fiction convention that takes place in a different European country each year to celebrate European writers, artists, movie makers and other creators of science fiction works in Europe. The country to host each Eurocon is chosen by a meeting of the European Science Fiction Society (ESFS) two years in advance, but the actual organisation of each Eurocon is handled by a local committee, so each Eurocon will have its own distinctive style.

Though the only requirements for a Eurocon are for it to host a meeting of the ESFS, and a European Awards Ceremony, it is generally expected that Eurocons will have a programme focusing on European aspects of science fiction from across the continent. It is also an ideal opportunity to introduce local fans to the wider European culture of science fiction while showcasing the host country's creative talents to the broad community of European fans.

Eurocon last took place in Ireland in 1997, when over 450 people attended and it was one of the largest science fiction conventions in Ireland to date.

We hope to build upon that success by bidding to host the 2014 Eurocon in Dublin, just after the London Worldcon. This places the Eurocon close to the Worldcon both in terms of time and location, but keeps the two separate so that Eurocon events don't get lost by the scale of the Worldcon.

Having the two on consecutive weekends will make it easier for those travelling long distances to attend both conventions, and will be a fantastic opportunity to present European and Irish fandom to a world audience.

The bid will run until the 2012 Eurocon, which takes place in April 2012 in Zagreb. If successful, the Dublin Eurocon will take place on the weekend of 22-24 August 2014.

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